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Stop Waiting!

For anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving their mark on the world…changing lives…making a difference, here’s a very real chance for you to do it.

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By John Marshall
Jun 09, 2024

Picture 28 young women. They all live in a residential school for underprivileged children in India, either orphaned or rescued from extreme poverty or violence.

These are bright young people. They’re good students, curious, ambitious—but soon, they'll have no way of continuing their education. In a few months, they finish 10th grade, the highest level their school offers, after which they will be sent home or sent out into the world.

I met all these students recently on a trip to India, and I was touched by the potential these young women represent. They were easy to connect with. They laughed and lit up for the camera. They spoke of being doctors or nurses, teachers or designers. They shared their dreams and hopes for a better life.

Here are 25 of them in a group photo.

Unfortunately, the world that is waiting for them will not value their dreams or encourage their education. Poor families rarely do. The street never does. For most young women like this, the future is often dark and dangerous, unless something like a miracle happens.

Now, picture these young women, all praying for the most unlikely thing. They need someone to pay for their schooling. Probably someone they do not know. Maybe even someone on the other side of the world. Is that even possible? Can a stranger’s heart open wide enough to include all of these 28 students?

This is where your heart comes in.

It will cost only 12,000 rupees per year to support one of these students in 11th grade. That’s just $144 per student or just $12 dollars a month! That's only 40 cents per day! What can you even buy for 40 cents anymore?

Doing the full math, that’s $4032 to keep 28 dreams alive. (This is really a two-year commitment through 12th grade, so $8064 total.)

Seriously, where can you have such an impact for so little? I challenge you to look at these faces and tell me they are not worth this investment.

So what do you do?

Say “Yes!” and you will be a hero to this group of young women. Simple as that.

Say “Yes!” and you will be changing the future in ways we may never fully know.

I believe we all want to make a difference, but we often don’t know where to start. Who can we trust? What’s real and what is not?

Here’s what I can tell you:

For anyone who gets involved, Teach Her will use 100% of your donations to support these specific students. I’ve met and I trust the director of their home, and I look forward to giving them the good news about your decision.

Calling Your Heart!

If you would like to take action and help these 28 young women take the next step of their education, click the button below. And thank you.

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