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Teach Her 100

So much more than a number

Think of the Impact

Be a part of the team supporting the University dreams of 100 young women!

This is not just a goal with a nice round number. These are 100 students, currently living in orphanages right now, all with untapped talent and potential.

What we're looking for is champions who want big impact!

Whether you choose one, five or ten students to support, you will be creating something more than just another college student. You will be leaving a legacy that will impact the world long after graduation day has come and gone.


Bronze Level

Sponsor One Student

Every Teach Her student is full of potential. Partner with one and change her future. She's waited long enough.

5 faces

Silver Level

Sponsor Five Students

Think of the number of people these five women will impact over the course of their lives. Be their spark.

10 faces

Gold Level

Sponsor Ten Students

Ten educated women will change their families and their communities. If you have the means, dive in here.

Commitment is Critical

Most university degrees where we operate are 3 years, so we're asking for a 3-year commitment.

Teach Her Fees USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Teach Her 100 Program

100% of your Teach Her 100 contributions will be used to fund a student's education. That should be simple enough.

Sure. The cost for a half sponsorship is $417 a year for three years. Just $35 per month! Find a friend to match this and sponsor a student together!

You certainly can. If possible, we do ask that you commit to the same amount for three years to help stabilize a student’s educational funding.

Stated university fees will cover everything: tuition, room and board, uniforms, supplies, exam fees, field trips, transportation, the works!

College is a big step for many of these young women and they often need help navigating this new world.

We are partnering with Miracle Foundation India who has a 20 year track record and one of the best child welfare reputations in the industry. They will be overseeing the Teach Her 100 group, including Coaching Support before college and Career Counseling after college. We are so proud to be teaming up with this established and respected nonprofit partner.

All students in the Teach Her 100 program live in India and grew up in three large Child Care Institutions. These CCIs have been supported by Miracle Foundation India for years and are well known to them. The female students identified are either in 11th or 12th grade, or in university level degrees.

Yes, but this number is an average. Each student will have a unique study path at a specific price. Engineering degrees cost more. English degrees cost less. Private schools are more expensive. Government colleges are very affordable. Any remaining funds will be used to offer more students the opportunity to attend college. Any shortfall will be picked up by the collective supporters.

Simply fill out the form at the end of this page and a Teach Her representative will get right back with you. Thanks for your interest. Let’s change the future for these young women together!

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 207-332-6349 or email sponsor@teachher.org

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These young women are waiting for a chance to shine.
Together we can give them that chance.

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