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Our Work

At Teach Her we believe: All girls raised in orphanages deserve to be seen, encouraged and given a chance to excel.

Every Girl Matters

Teach Her works in countries where orphanages are still prevalent and girls have fewer opportunities than boys.

And so we partner with trustworthy orphan champions and motivated young women to make the dream of a college education a reality.

To do this we reach out to supporters worldwide, offering the chance to partner with these girls and help change the future for them, one girl at a time.

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School Isn't Everything

Yes, we want to educate these remarkable young women and we want them to do well, but grades are only part of the story.

Support throughout the process is critical, especially at the higher levels.

Our trained social workers act as mentors and life coaches for our students, starting early to develop their self-esteem, overcoming destructive habits and rewriting negative conditioning that orphanage life so often instills.

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When I first got to college, I didn't feel I fit in. But my coach kept saying I could do it, and now I think I can too.
Future Editor - Teach Her India - Class of 2020
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Proving Results

100% of all donations given as sponsorships will be assigned to a student’s education, and all donors will receive regular updates on their “investment.” Grade sheets, school photos and progress reports help keep everyone connected.

Teach Her is a Partnership

Supporters are not simply educating these amazing girls.

While we inspire their beliefs and their dreams, they inspire compassion and engagement all around the world. They have as much to teach us as we have to teach them. Everyone learns. Everyone wins.

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