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Set a goal, get creative and launch. Deciding to do it is the hardest part.

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3. Change the Future

All the money you raise for girls education will have a real-world impact.

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Teach Her Challenge3

Calling All Girls!

We believe all girls need each other, so we have a fundraiser just for you. It's called the Teach Her Challenge, and it's for any girl who wants to make a difference.

Need Some Inspiration?

It's really not about raising money. It's about offering people the opportunity to make a difference and get involved.

Fundraiser Ruby2

Raised: $4160

Ruby's $10 Challenge

This incredible ten-year-old asked for $10 donations for her birthday!

Fundraiser Pickering

Raised: $300

Mr. Pickering's 3rd Grade

Day by day, penny by penny, these legends raised money to help.

Fundraiser Cynthia

Raised: $1337

Bollywood Dance Party

Australians know how to raise money and have a good time.

CSS 0225

Be Brave. Take Action.

You very often get what you ask for in life, and that's true with fundraising. Even if you've never done this before, believe that it's possible (it is!), and take the first step.

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Now on Facebook

Teach Her is now a recognized nonprofit on Facebook. If you've done this before, you can launch a campaign with one click. If you need a little help first, Step-by-Step will show you how.

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