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A Personal Challenge

Anyone can raise money for Teach Her...or any cause that's important to them. One way to do it is to pick a personal challenge and invite others to support you in doing it.

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By John Marshall
Mar 07, 2021

I like challenges.

Last year, I trained and eventually bench pressed 225 pounds 10 times for no other reason than I couldn’t do it when I was 17…so why not do it now?

It’s why people climb Mt. Everest, I suppose, or swim the English Channel or eat the most hotdogs in ten minutes. (Which by the way is 75…with buns!) Challenging ourselves is not only fun, it shows what we are capable of and expands our view of what is possible.

And so on Sunday, March 7th, 2021, I’m setting out on a new personal challenge. Though I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, I fear my hips and knees are well passed their marathon-running prime. But walking is something I can still do.

So I’m going to walk 26.2 miles (42.165 km) for the sheer fun (and challenge) of it.

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Not one to let a good promotional opportunity go to waste, I’m using the occasion to launch the new Teach Her Merchandise Store, selling 3 new t-shirt designs for…you guessed it…$26.20 each. It’s a partnership with the awesome website Bonfire that handles the printing and shipping. All profits are then sent to Teach Her and will be used to form a T-shirt fund of our own.

Teach Her uses 100% of all online donations to fund girls’ education—but we do have other expenses. One small but growing expense involves sending a T-shirt to anyone who completes our Teach Her Challenge. Until we get these shirts donated, your purchase at the store will help us reward our incredible fundraisers. You get a shirt…they get a shirt...and some amazing students get to go to college. It’s a win-win-win!

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So check out the merch, pick your favorite design, order from anywhere in the world, and then send us a picture of you and your new Teach Her T-shirt when it arrives.

If you’d like to follow along with my 55,000 step, 8+ hour event, I’ll be posting periodically on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. (Sunday: March 7th 2021) No doubt the last few miles and hours will be the most entertaining.

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Teach Her Logo

For anyone inspired to embark on their own personal challenge, consider dedicating it to Teach Her. We have fundraising tools on our website or just click here. Whether walking, running, climbing, swimming or eating (with buns!), all money raised will help change the future for one of these amazing young women.

Ready, Set, Walk!

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In honor of John's 26.2 mile walk, all T-shirts are $26.20 today. Pick your favorite and let the world know you support college education for orphaned girls!

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