Teach Her 100

We’re launching a new campaign to get 100 orphaned girls enrolled in college this fall. Come change the future with us.

By Teach Her
Feb 12, 2022


It’s a nice round number.
As a goal, it’s a good one.
Teach Her is going to enroll 100 new students in college this fall.
It’s ambitious, but it’s also easy to understand, right?

Or is it?
What actually does this number mean?

First off, let’s get clear on what we’re talking about.
100 is not a three-digit number.
It represents 100 young woman living in orphanages around the world right now.
They all have hopes and dreams and talents and potential.
They have names. Stories. And collectively, they have the power to impact a huge number of people over the course of their lifetimes.

All together, they look something like this…

With the proper training and encouragement, imagine the change this group can create in the world. In their families. In their communities.

Every life of poverty that is avoided creates a ripple of possibilities that touches countless lives. Multiply this by 100 and you have a massive impact that is just waiting to be unleashed.

But it all begins with opportunity, and that’s where we come in.

We’re looking for supporters
to partner with 1, 5 or 10 young women. 1/2 sponsorships are also available. All are welcome!

(An average of just $833/year per student is estimated, and all levels come with an additional $500 per student in Year 1 to purchase a laptop computer. Most degrees are 3 years.)

Will it work?

Does a college education actually have the power to change these young women’s lives? Here's one example that says: Yes!

Before Teach Her even existed, our founder put one young woman into college. Her name is Eddu and she hoped to study marketing. Once supporters were found and applications were submitted, Eddu enrolled in a quality private school and got to work.

Today, after three years of hard study, Eddu finished at the very top of her class and received one of the highest salary packages for graduates that year.

She now earns nearly four times the median household income in her country of India. And she’s only 22!

And so the Teach Her 100 campaign needs your help.

Perhaps you can sponsor a young woman’s education…or more than one.

Perhaps you know someone with the heart and resources to get involved.

All supporters will receive regular personal reports on their student's progress and be a part of a team making a real-world difference in the lives of young women who will otherwise never get this chance.

To learn more you can email

Or click this button to go to the official TEACH HER 100 page to get started.

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