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You Are Our Hero!

Thank you for stepping forward as a full sponsor for one of these girls. It will be a life-changing decision for one lucky student, and we know it will be transformative for you as well.

Top colleges in the areas where orphanages are still common are much more affordable than colleges in the West, which means: Your contribution will go much further!

Degree programs range in cost from approximately $2500/yr to $3500/yr depending on school, selected major and country. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.

On average, a full degree will cost between $7500 and $10,500, spread out over three years. But as with all students worldwide, each education will come with a specific price tag that will be itemized and made clear so all sponsors know just what to expect.

If this sounds like something your are both interested and able to support, we ask that you made a $1000 deposit donation that will be applied toward your sponsor student's first semester.

Then, please fill out the attached form and a Teach Her representative will reach back to introduce you when a candidate has been selected.

Thank you so much for your willingness to get involved. You are literally changing the future for one of these young women and for that we can not thank you enough.

Sponsorship Deposit

For those ready to make a sponsorship commitment, please submit your $1000 donation deposit here. We will mark it to be used only for your sponsor student's first semester.

Full Sponsorship Introduction

Please enter some basic contact information and then tell us a bit about yourself. If you would like to sponsor a student studying in a specific field, let us know. If it's possible, we'd love to make that connection.

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